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Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

(1). Taiwan Scholarship

a. Regulation

All applications must be submitted to a designated Taiwan Overseas 

Mission , in the country of the applicant citizenship, before the end

of March of each year.

Taiwan Scholarship Program Guidelines附件檔: TSP Guidelines(0607

b. Application Form

Application Form A附件檔台灣獎學金申請表A)

Application Form B附件檔台灣獎學金申請表續申請用)

      Taiwan Scholarship Terms of Agreement附件檔台灣獎學金承諾書)

c.Application Form of Admission

(2). TaiwanICDF Scholarship

a. Introduction

  (附件檔: 2007 Introduction )

b. Candidate’s Application Form

  (附件檔: 2007 Application Form)


(3).NTOU Foreign Student Scholarship

a. Regulations

b.Application Form of Admission

c. Application Form of Scholarship附件檔: NTOU Scholarship Form)

(4).DPU Scholarship Program

   a. Application Form

   b. Program Announcement & Application Instructions

c.Application Form of Admission